Sunday, 6 November 2011

Types of Potential Renters

End of previous month/Beginning of the month: People to tend to be more cautious in life. They do not want to give notice at the current place without having somewhere to go. They make quick decisions but tend to look for places that are renovated/updated and care about the neighbours and building. These people confirm their appointments, show up early, and if they can't make it or find another place before they look at yours, they call and cancel politely. 

Mid-month: Have given notice to their current place and are looking a apartments causally. They want to see EVERYTHING that is available and they are looking EVERYWHERE....Richmond, Van, New West, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, etc...They do not make quick decisions as the do not want to make a bad one. They take applications with them instead of filling them out at the building and always say "we will get back to you". These lookers also tend to pull A LOT of no-shows. They are in no rush and have looked at dozens of place, so if they are tired after work, "fuck it, lets just sit and watch tv". These people are super annoying to deal with and always waste my time. These are the people that get back to you 10 days later and are annoyed when it is no long available.

End of Month: The desperatos!! These people will take ANYTHING! They walk in the door, stand, look, and ask for an application. They offer cash to hold it until the application is approved. They don't care about the layout, renos, neighbours, building, etc....they just want it....they NEED it! They will do ANYTHING to get it!! These people usually have shitty credit, little to no income, and have already been rejected from a lot of places. This lot also includes people going through break-ups, divorces, fights with room-mates, and people getting kicked out of their current places. The odd time you find a diamond in the rough....usually these ones are left overs from the mid-monthers who have waited to long to make a decision about the dozens of place they have already seen and now have realized, they are fucked and need a place ASAP. These people rarely pull a "no-show" and when they phone, they want to see it NOW!

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