Saturday, 8 October 2011

Patricia the Strippa

This one wasn't my building, but a rental condo a building owner client of mine asked me to repaint.

It was a little weird to begin with. First, it was that damn Infinity tower in Surrey which in my mind is cursed.

She also insisted on being home. She had to go out of her way to take time off so it had to be as fast as possible.

Her broken laptop and tiny ass tv didn't look like a great grab to me, but whatever.

She was very surrey. She was a llittle bigger, but dressed a little smaller. You know that classy "things aren't sitting where they are supposed to be" look?

She was friendly to us and kept to herself.

We were working, and she had left briefly, and I said to my worker, "dude, I don't know why, but I have this feeling that she's selling it" We had a good laugh and went on with our work.

I had no idea what gave me that impression. I asked later what she did and her answer was "just a secretary. Nothing too exciting."

I guess it was a vibe, but nothing concrete. On the outside, she looked like a slutty surrey chick.

So a few weeks later, I'm talking to my client and he brings up that apartment, also says its cursed, and says that her and her room mate have turned it into a brothel. Building security had notified up the chain that a lot of guys were showing up and leaving an hour later. She apparently couldn't really deny it.

And that is how I learned to trust my first instinct.

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