Saturday, 8 October 2011

Cokie the Bear

I have to start with this guy, because he was as crazy as it gets. When we took over the building, we were told about his issue. He was living with his mother, who was a long-term tenant. Everyone was aware of his issue, but had done nothing to solve it. He was a heroin addict. He had a gaunt look, and a thin frame and had been using heroin for a long-time.

Tenants had made phone calls and written letters about hookers sleeping in the stairwells and the door being pinned open.

One day he asked dinosaur if we had any issues with renting to someone on welfare. She looked at him straight in the face and said, "we don't have an issue with that in this building, but I do have an issue renting to drug addicts." Boom! Let's put our cards on the table early.

She continued by telling him that she was fully briefed on his story, and with some other vacancies to fill, hadn't made it an issue...yet. But that time was coming.

A few months go by, and we receive word that something tragic had happened. His mother passed away.

Although sad, its something like this that motivates change. We were always left with the option that to get rid of him, we really only could get rid of her, a well, dying old lady on oxygen.

So we checked the papers for her obituary looking for other family members to assist as allies. And we found a name. It was a name I recognized.

His brother was a high profile politician.

I really couldn't believe it when I read more on his bio. It was his half-brother and their stories couldn't be more different. Full scholarship to UBC law. Worked at a high profile law firmand then started a successful political career.

He sad that he'd take care of everything. He'd pay a month's rent, and then cokie would be on his own. He'd pay to clean and leave the unit in good condition and all to protect the name of his beloved mother.

Two months later, that had changed somewhat to "I've done my part, you are on your own."

He squatted in that apartment for 3 more months until we finally got him out. We found a garbage can full of needles, and arterial spray all though the shower, and some on the closet doors.

The end result is I can't believe that a politician lied to us.

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