Saturday, 8 October 2011


This chick was fun from our first day on the job. She was horribly late with rent, so we gave her a reminder letter. Still nothing. The next day we gave her a 10 day pay to stay notice-plastered to her front door, right next to our apartment.

Still nothing. On about the 5th or so, basically right before the eviction takes affect, she knocks on my door, with a wad of cash in hand.

So we're talking, and she starts selling me a story that all the previous managers have been cool with the fact that she's sometimes late with rent. I'm just nodding my head listening.

Then its my turn.

I should mention that her apartment constantly smells like weed, the hall outside my door also smells like weed and I hate the smell of weed. Her husband also looks like he's on america's most wanted.

So basically, I ain't gonna like this woman.

So I tell her that I don't care what other managers have done, I want money in on the first. Basically, I hate fucking around, and we decided before we ever started this, that we aren't fucking around.

So she says, "well, I'm pretty close with the owner's father, and maybe I'll talk to him"

Also known as, "I'm just gonna fly over your pretty little head"

My response, verbatim was classic, "feel free to talk to him. I will warn you that I don't operate in a vacuum, and everyone is fully aware of the situation. I'm also going to warn you that while you may be close with him, I'm the one making his benz payments these days, so I'm a little closer to him than you are"

And that is how we came to have rent in on time for the first time in 6 years.

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