Saturday, 16 June 2012

Closer(I Want to *woof* You Like an Animal)

First rent is late. Then rent bounces. Then its more late. Then its a 10 day eviction notice. Normally that's the point where people decide to move on, as they can no longer afford life. She decided to take the 10 day notice. 


Real simple. Dino told her that if you leave the apartment clean, then you are off the hook. She told Dino to keep the security deposit in lieu of lost rent. 

So she leaves, and Dino goes in and nothing is clean. There is boxes of food in the cupboard and the bathtub. Oh the bathtub. What a beautiful before photo for comet. 

Cool. Normally we tend to chalk these things up to life lessons, and move on. Dino snapped. She actually snapped awhile ago where we've learned all the "life lessons" we need to learn, and its time for others to share in that joy. 

So off she goes to dispute resolution. Dino sends the notice registered mail, and it never gets picked up. She texts her, and the tenant asks what is in the package. Dino tells her, and the response is classic. 

"You know, my father said you'd try to *woof* me." 

My first reaction was, dude! You *woofed* us! Second, we've never met your father, so how the hell would he know any different. 

So Dino goes to arbitration and its a clear win. The judgey person actually declared a full win on the spot, which they usually don't do. 

Here's the deal. And it shocks me how people don't get this. We're not out to *woof* anyone. We don't get a single dime from holding your security deposit. Occasionally I get paid for repairs out of damages withheld. Honey, making $50 to patch holes in your walls is a pain in my ass, is shit that I don't want to do and for the difference $50 makes to my bottom line, I'd just prefer to not do it at all. I don't even invoice for less than $100. Oh, and we also don't get paid more to spend our time chasing you through the RTB. 

So maybe when we say, clean it to the point of *woofing* spotless because we don't want to deal with it-you'll listen. 

The funny thing was, the arbiter actually pointed out that our costs were significantly less than what could have been charged. So who's *woofing* you now? 

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