Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sometimes Talking is Their First Mistake

A couple with their kid comes to look at a kind of shitty 2 bedroom we have in one of the secondary buildings. It's been a biatch to unload. This is the one where Black Betty^^ lived. 

So I'm showing them around and they seem "alright". He's doing most of the talking, the wife seems nuts and the kid is cute but f'ing loud. Not necessarily something that is going to happen all the time, but you start to think. 

Dino and I switch off, and the first thing she notices is the wife is kind of doing the Hastings Shuffle and I had already noticed the teeth. Or lack of teeth. 

So they start telling their story. They don't have a reference from the previous landlord, because he had called Child Protective Services on them! Nice! BUT they had a letter from them saying that they found nothing in the investigation. are saying that you met, at least the minimum level of child care needed, but the landlord thought that you did not? 

I don't know, but is that grey area between "you beat your child enough" and "you beat your child too much" something we want to find out? 

Here's a Top Gear Top Tip for sketchy people trying to rent a place. SHUT THE FUCK UP! I'm very happy that you are no longer on meth. That's awesome. I however, do not take as much pride as you do. Therefore, don't tell me. You say rehab and I say relapse. It's that simple. I'm picturing this all going downhill once life gets a little tough and you are back on the pipe. Call me a cynic if you will. 

These people didn't do the meth talk, but I don't need to know that CPS was involved. You don't have a reference. Well, that's a problem. I would suggest "lie" before showing me a letter from CPS. There are ways around a reference problem, but difficult if the rest of you screams 'sketch'. 

You just walk away scratching your head remembering you wasted 30 minutes of your life on this shit.

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